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Pur Joy

Earthly Sweets was formed by a family & a group of passionate confectionery manufacturers. We’re convinced that it is still possible to enjoy the richness of a candy product but at the same time provide nutritional value to our bodies and our loved ones. We enjoy the wisdom of more than 60 years of candy manufacturing experience. Today this platform has allowed us to create chocolates and candy treats that not only are delicious but use natural, organic and Non GMO ingredients. We are proud today to give birth to the Pur Joy Chocolate line and the Simple Treats category of Treats, Snacks and Gummies. By doing so, Earthly Sweets brings the flavors of yesterday to the Future of Candy.

Earthly Sweets is engaged in the manufacturing of unique , superfood , high quality “good for you” chocolates, snacks and treats. Using our leading-edge technology and innovative approach to research and development, we offer mindful consumers a line of simple confections with clean and nutritious ingredients all placed in sustainable packaging alternatives. We are looking to satisfy our users with the taste we all want but with the healthy attributes we all need.

Integrity and Honesty

Responsible and Fair to Suppliers, Distribution Partners and Consumers

Manufacturing with Respect for our Planet Earth and being Social Stewards to the Global Community

Honoring the raison d’etre of our products, we have aligned ourselves with institutions that guarantee the benefits that our products offer you. That’s why we approached the NON-GMO Project and Fair Trade USA, who worked together with us to bring you products that have a special meaning for you.

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